Ocean Beach San Diego Surf Bails

Ocean Beach California
May 11, 2012
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May 18, 2012
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Ocean Beach San Diego Surf Bails

Ocean Beach San Diego Surf Bails

Surfers falling in Ocean Beach San Diego
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If I sound upset in this video, it is because I AM! Chemtrails are all but blacked out from the mainstream media when they should be getting MAJOR ATTENTION. We are being poisoned folks, that is the bottom line. When chemtrails suddenly appeared over our home in San Diego in June, 2008, it really woke me up. I spoke with Rosalind Peterson, head of the Agricultural Defense Coalition, who is very outspoken about these chemtrails. She informed me that since many people are starting to “notice” the sprayings, that they are now spraying them at night while we sleep! My hope is that people will begin to look up into the sky and ask themselves the question “Are those real clouds or are those chemtrail clouds?” Please, I urge you, visit the website addresses that I display at the end of my video. Do your research then decide what can be done about it. I am honestly not sure that anything can be done at this point. No one at any of the “agencies” is talking…and if you get someone on the phone, make sure you use the term “contrail” because if you even say the word “chemtrail” you will either get abruptly corrected or hung up on. I know…I have already been there, done that. Rosalind was right on target. God Bless You All!


  1. Avatar daveddon says:

    OB breaks pretty sloppy I have to admit, I started surfing the pier in 1971 when I was 8, my dad surfed there and its never been that great but does get good occasionally, Inside sub left at the cliffs, well thats another story…good times there…

  2. Avatar CrazySurferDude95 says:

    @PowerPictures i dont think there are reefs there.i surf there every year…and yes you can get his by your board

  3. Avatar one0american0man says:

    that’s just a washtub

  4. Avatar TheMurdockSons says:



  5. Avatar coilinreltub says:

    Thats the idea. They all crash, it is a bail video!

  6. Avatar deandsre2 says:

    1:03… yeahhh sponger for life

  7. Avatar razeraid says:

    Them ppl were wack:(

  8. Avatar ToolsnFire says:

    That tube to barrel roll to switch stance bottom turn to 360 air spin punt to floater dump was cool

  9. Avatar coilinreltub says:

    yeah I know but he is 60 years old and gets crushed by a 8 foot wave, i love it!

  10. Avatar SmoothSkating says:

    you can get hit by your board………. and on reefs you just try to not go deep

  11. Avatar scatt99 says:

    Nice vid, coming from someone who always seemed to have a hard time at the peir… I always liked the cliffs

  12. Avatar XxLost0elementXx says:

    (“)_(“)This is bunny. copy and paste this on all videos u watch to help bunny gain world domination

  13. Avatar carnalito81 says:

    dudes just gettin’ thrashed

  14. Avatar kainbass says:

    i surfed the jetty a few months back, it was over head and amazing.

  15. Avatar pitaten01 says:

    its not like that every day, more like once every two months
    i live there

  16. Avatar ROCKSoutLOUD1316 says:

    cant wait to go there =]

  17. Avatar mykylc says:


  18. Avatar trainormarc says:

    Boy, talk about your high tides and big surf at O.B. I sure missed this one. I live in San Diego, and shoot surf video too. Sure wish I’d have gone to the beach on this one. Exciting stuff. Marc.

  19. Avatar MarcoshanAU says:

    ops i thinh i just forgot how to surf

  20. Avatar ripcurlsurfer96 says:


  21. Avatar ufcspidersilva88 says:

    I notice these chemtrails here too in San Diego, Ca. But the funny thing is when I see one, two to four days later it rains. And I only see the chemtrails when the sky is clear, when there is a lot of clouds in the sky already, I don’t see them.

  22. Avatar violashutters says:

    I have some recent photos of being sprayed at 2:00 A.M. In San Francisco

  23. Avatar OneMrChipmunk says:

    I agree.Those planes are burning jet fuel (a refined diesel fuel) to produce thrust in an engine called a turbofan.The product of incomplete combustion, among many by products of the fossil fuel, is water. Ever wonder why water drips from your car’s exhaust?Thats demonstrating incomplete combustion.When the turbofan exhausts its byproduct at a high altitude under pressure(Remember its chilly up there!).You are left with ice thus producing the exhaust trail we often see.

  24. Avatar ReinaValera1865 says:

    I’ve been seeing Chemtrails in San Diego for a whole month now…before and after the winter solstice eclipse…i went up to cowles mountain right after the eclipse when the weather cleared up and the planes were going crazy making all these criss cross patters spraying the whole city ( you can see the whole city from Cowles mountain 1581 feet above sea level) I just saw them today in Ocean Beach…those are all small planes going nowhere, just spraying all over and you see dark clouds forming

  25. Avatar jbreezes says:

    Well done, as always. 

  26. Avatar 99percentatheist says:

    I live close to the border (San Diego/Tijuana) and most of the chemtrails here originate in the San Diego area and go passed the border into Mexico. Leaves me wondering if these planes are taking off from Mexico, spraying San Diegans and then going back.

  27. Avatar BrianAStier says:

    My buddy just moved out there from here in the midwest. I was going to ask him if they were spraying out there, got my answer though I guess.

    Doesn’t seem nearly as bad as here in the midwest tho. Thanks for lookin’ out and keepin it real! 😉

  28. Avatar sunshinesbright60 says:

    Since you took this video in oct 08, has anything been discovered as to their origins? What is being done to put a stop to this? Have you captured any others since then?

  29. Avatar waielg says:

    and u know what everytime i come back home to SD i get VERYYY sickk!

  30. Avatar waielg says:

    howcome no1 isnt doing anything about this????? its so scaryy! im from san diego too! see these all over! i go to school in seattle & they are all over here toooo!!

  31. Avatar Lotsofnickles says:

    hey girlfriend, i live by the ground base. Marine Corps Air Strip Mira Mar. and i have to tell you that the sounds that come from there are not “the sounds of freedom” LOL!!!!!!!!!

  32. Avatar amazed1066 says:

    I live in Temecula. I haven’t seen any chemtrails for the longest time until recently. They seemed to be constant and this started about 2 months ago. I’ve been sick, our family too and the whole valley is suffering from the flu. Coincidence??

  33. Avatar Citygypsy says:

    Thank You. Please look up Gwen Scott ND on Google. She gives lists of supplements to take in order help your immune system. These chemtrails are screwing with our immune systems and it is done by DESIGN. Get GARLIC, POTASSIUM, B COMPLEX, SHITAKE MUSHROOM EXTRACT, FLAXSEED OIL, KRILL OIL, COLLOIDAL SILVER OR GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, VITAMIN E, MULTIPLE VITAMIN AND VITAMIN C…..

  34. Avatar rlindsay23 says:

    good job on the video. I live in the San Diego area and personally photographed 10 separate chemtrails going on at the same time this afternoon. My brother, who thinks I’m crazy, is coming over tomorrow to watch the spray party.
    Thanks for putting it out.
    As for Mtown3254…just stay confused.

  35. Avatar Citygypsy says:

    These are happening all over the world, not just in the United States. I ask people to please do research on HAARP, Psychotronic Weapons, EM’s, Google things like “Chemtrails and Mind Control” and also “Project Blue Beam”. People think there is some sort of “cap” on evil. There isn’t. Its out there and there are people with the most unbelievable agendas, which is why most people don’t believe a word I say about what is really going on in this country. Do your research on the Global Elite.

  36. Avatar Citygypsy says:

    If you know anything about the “normal behavior” of normal aircraft flying from point A to point B, then you know they don’t go around making grid patterns in the sky, or big giant X’s or turning around and dropping more of their chemtrail garbage in the sky. Please watch my other video called Ask Yourself, when you are done watching it, you should then “Ask Yourself” and others some very serious questions.

  37. Avatar jacob789456 says:

    I go to school at correia and I watch these things spray there junk all day almost everyday. The most I saw in one day was 26, and most of them lasted 5+ hours.

  38. Avatar Mtown3254 says:

    Nice transition effect at 6:45 though

  39. Avatar Mtown3254 says:

    I’m really confused about why people keep thinking these are chemtrails.

    If you know anything about the behaviors of liquids/gasses at different pressures, you’d know that a cloud of chemicals released into the upper atmosphere would do the exact OPPOSITE of forming a long, lingering cloud. It would be like if there was a hole in the space shuttle and all the air leaked out, would the air form a nice litle trail behind the shuttle?

  40. Avatar Citygypsy says:

    Lemme tell ya, the day after my first sighting i went outside to check things out. My hands were full of some wierd sparkly stuff that was VERY FINE. Nothing else happened to my knowledge…no dead stuff, etc. But they are spraying us at night now! Please keep me posted on anything else you see or hear! You mentioned grass turning brown? I would like to hear more about that.

  41. Avatar IrelandInfiniti says:

    WOW. I was just talking to someone about this. I keep telling my family I’m not crazy. Even today, I said, see the difference? They did it at 3AM here. I’m not too far from your area. I documented the date time and things I noticed from that time to this time. Did your grass in your parks and lawns turn brown?

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