Ocean Beach California

3947 La Cresta Drive in Point Loma, San Diego
May 9, 2012
Ocean Beach San Diego Surf Bails
May 12, 2012
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Ocean Beach California

Ocean Beach California

www.oceanbeachblogs.com Check out the beach life in Ocean Beach San Diego as visitors walk dow the Ocean Beach Pier and surfers and beach goers swim in the Pacific Ocean. Ocean Beach is one of the most popular beaches in San Diego and Southern California. For Ocean Beach hotel deals and disocunted hotel room rates visit www.oceanbeachblogs.com www.socalbeachmag.net or call 1-800-632-1698


  1. Avatar dltanner99 says:

    Novel about two boys who find something strange on the beach one night see video book trailer

  2. Avatar disneylanddude says:

    wooowww when i was there two days ago it was all cloudy, no sun, and only like 50 people there, its packed in this video!!!!

  3. Avatar hassel12869 says:

    watch the first man to do 8-360s down OB pier on hands. youtube hassel handstand

  4. Avatar SamsajasHang says:

    Today it’s grey and dark in Germany, thanks for bringing some sun and beach in my life :-)

  5. Avatar f4eva08 says:

    de cere laste okinos^>? snu laste corini

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