Introducing the Best Real Estate Search Tool…EVER!

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November 8, 2011
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Introducing the Best Real Estate Search Tool…EVER!

Nextage Pacific Realty is proud to announce the launch of our new property search platform.  We have partnered SpatialMatch to give you free access to the most advanced real estate search tool available today.  By using a geo-spatial, map search platform we are delivering a new way to search for real estate online. Every aspect of the search process is conducted on the map, creating a fluid and entertaining user experience.

Through the Lifestyle Search System, users can visually see the relational perspective between all things important in their real estate decision making process.  For example, if a home buyer wants to live within 10 miles of their office, they can enter that address and any others as custom addresses and include them in the search. Or if they want to stop at Starbucks every morning and want it within five miles of their home, they can choose that as well.  If you’d like to live in a specific school district, you can select and search for homes using that as a choice.  You are also able to research the number and distribution of students, full time vs. part time teachers, student/teacher ratios.   Users can explore new home construction complete with builders’ names, square footage, prices and in-depth information including floor plans.

Interactive mapping had been the “rage” but is now becoming commonplace.  The more interesting evolution is the real-time and simultaneous reviewing of dozens of datasets.  How about visualizing thousands of listings on one screen and watch as they filter down to digestible numbers as users interact real-time with their search preferences?  Or, users can deep-dive into rich datasets to uncover relevant and important information about their next neighborhood.

This search platform is built on multiple levels of data, including for-sale homes, historic ‘sold’ data, 60+ million not-for-sale houses, 130,000+ schools and universities, 12+ million businesses, demographics and statistical data, and more. You can even explore features like local news as well as free Home Value Reports (AVM’s), enabling deeper levels of search.

SpatialMatch is redefining the way consumers search for Real Estate online.  Once you give our search tool a try, your days of using sites like Trulia, Zillow or Redfin are over!


Here is a great instructional video on how to get started or simply click here and enjoy.

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