Spring Cleaning Tips for Property Managers

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Property Managers

Pasas Property Management is a locally owned property management firm with over 20 years of experience in the San Diego, CA marketplace.  The tips below were taken from an article posted on PropertyManager.com on how to spruce up your rental community (or rental home) for spring.

Spring Cleaning for Property Managers

If you’re ready to undertake some much-needed spring cleaning, here are some suggestions to get your property in top shape for the upcoming season:

1.  Remove dead branches that have fallen from trees and bushes. These are a major distraction as well as a potential liability to both residents and employees. This is also a great time to trim tree limbs and bushes.

2.  Plant a tree. The addition of trees in strategic areas can increase curb appeal tremendously. They will also help to provide shade in key areas of the complex, as well as a more appealing environment for your residents.

3.  Plant some flowers. Nothing says spring like a burst of colorful blooms. Flowers are especially eye-catching around the major property signage, but adding a few rose bushes around the leasing office can provide a quick burst of spring color, with limited upkeep needed. Nothing is more attention-getting than a burst of color around the entrance.

4.  Consider replacing your signs. A sparkling new sign surrounded by spring blooms can often pay better dividends than advertising.

5.   Consider adding a barbeque area, or a gazebo to encourage your residents to get outside and enjoy the property.

6.  Your buildings need a spring cleaning as well. Well-tended landscaping will serve little purpose if the buildings themselves look neglected. By adding a fresh coat of paint, or even simply power-washing the complex, the buildings themselves will sparkle along with your landscaping.

7.  Don’t forget the leasing office. Clean those carpets, polish those floors, and paint those dingy walls. Add some new artwork or plants to bring signs of spring indoors as well.

By instituting even a few of these things, your apartment community will be ready in no time.

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