San Diego Sunset from Ocean Beach Pier

Warrington St. Point Loma San Diego Outstanding Home Renovation
January 21, 2012
UCSD Baseball hosts Point Loma in Monday night exhibition
January 25, 2012
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San Diego Sunset from Ocean Beach Pier

Sunset from the Ocean Beach pier in San Diego, CA, on January 22, 2012

A preview of the 80 minute Ocean Beach San Diego Surf Movie
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Avatar coilinreltub says:

    @curlysuzable this is the best comment i have got in 3 years. Thank you and im glad you like it. I love OB too.

  2. Avatar curlysuzable says:

    I watch ur vid and smoke a bowl when im homesick for OB

  3. Avatar theejackson4 says:

    We don’t use “hella” here in OB. Good vid – a few of those stores have changed.

    I dig it thumbs up.

  4. Avatar raider2661 says:

    @imjustpassinthru I’m gonna move to OB and renovate all the buildings and rent em out to kids from new england, get ready

  5. Avatar spd13062 says:

    OB is my home and you captured it well.

  6. Avatar azcowboybob says:

    I remember the cool Star Theater…when I was a kid we would go there and see cartoon’s and a movie for…get this..!!…25 or 50 cents be for noon..!!

  7. Avatar mauricyass says:

    @coilinreltub is the band on youtube?

  8. Avatar coilinreltub says:

    @mauricyass hotbox is the name of the band, a local ob band.

  9. Avatar mauricyass says:

    What is the name of the song?

  10. Avatar me0eli says:

    thts crazy i was just there a day ago….. thts by dog beach

  11. Avatar TheMurdockSons says:



  12. Avatar BeachHotelsanBeaches says:

    Great shots, loved the video.

  13. Avatar itsmyturn says:

    grew up surfing the pier, avalanche, dog jetty :) i miss it!

  14. Avatar SDkoncept619 says:

    @TorcidaMCMXI right on brother

  15. Avatar SDkoncept619 says:

    i love OB. born and raised. it is a blessing.

  16. Avatar razeraid says:

    Very nice;)

  17. Avatar TorcidaMCMXI says:

    this is my neighborhood =] this is awesome bro. gotta love OB. its the best spot in san diego. everywhere else is filled with tourists. ob is a hidden gem. ahh, how i love my hood.

  18. Avatar coilinreltub says:

    hotbox is the band check them out on myspace

  19. Avatar jennysmines says:

    awesome video…what’s the name of the band on this vid?

  20. Avatar smokeymccovery says:

    Spent most of my life in SD and 7 years of it in OB. I loved every minute of it. Lived two blocks from the beach on W. Point Loma. Walked to the jetty almost everyday after work to surf.

  21. Avatar AmbiesBride says:

    Wow I love watching this viedo, it repersents OB great.

  22. Avatar Jenigan says:

    OB was a blast! All I did was sit around and watch the surfers.

  23. Avatar surfinhomey says:

    i love ob and the black, ocean experience and Pride surf shops are my favorite stores.

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