San Diego Point Loma

Point Loma – San Diego, California, United States
March 10, 2012
Buying Houses at the Courthouse Steps
March 13, 2012
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San Diego Point Loma

Videos I took on Dec 30, 2008 around The Cabrillo National Monument area of Point Loma. Beautiful day. Reached 73 degrees. I lived in San Diego for a year or so back in 1994. Placed has changed a little. Seems to be a lot more crowded then it was back then. More of the point is closed to the public now too. Still a great place to visit though. One of my favorite areas of San Diego. Well…also Torrey Pines, La Jolla, and Pacific Beach….etc :-)
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  1. Avatar MacPr0xnxx0 says:

    near the campus?

  2. Avatar greentea1494 says:

    @sandiaman1 Your videos rock so much! I am sixteen and my dream is to live in San Diego. You are keeping those dreams alive! Thank you so much and keep it up!

  3. Avatar johnny102marvin says:

    Is that a hotel down at the very bottom tip of point loma?

  4. Avatar ROCKsquareANORACK says:

    wow thats what its like in the winter i could watch this all day i gotta get back there

  5. Avatar ROCKsquareANORACK says:

    ok i have to post my response
    i was right there

  6. Avatar sandiaman1 says:

    Actually I just uploaded a higher quality one. It gives you the option of watching it in higher quality. It’s pretty much the same thing. I deleted the other one.

  7. Avatar RJL738 says:

    Very well done, I think you made one like this before. I always enjoy your videos.

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