Q&A: How is Ocean Beach in San Diego (28 years old)?

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July 12, 2012
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Q&A: How is Ocean Beach in San Diego (28 years old)?

Question by lmornovo: How is Ocean Beach in San Diego (28 years old)?
I´m moving to San Diego for a couple of months and I´m looking for the right place to live: beach, restaurants, cofee shops, young people. I´m thinking in moving to Ocean beach or PB. What do you think? How much money should I pay for renting? Thank you so much

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Answer by Kathy H
You would probably like either Ocean Beach or PB. I’d take a look on craigslist to find out how much rent is going for.

One of the more reasonably priced apartments I know of close to the water is Bay Pointe apartments…it’s in PB and is 2 blocks from Mission Bay. http://www.mynewplace.com/apartment/bay-pointe-apartments-san-diego-ca-100505930467

You can also find places that are not advertising in the paper by just driving around and watching for vacancy signs.

Good luck!

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  1. Avatar S H says:

    try this site too:


    OB has a lot of homeless people and crack heads on the beach area. There’s a police trailer at the end of NEWPORT ave (the main st in OB) so it’s not really dangerous over there.
    at least not for me, I lived in SD for 33 years.
    Pacific beach has more of the college kids and surfers.
    Garnet and Grand are the main strips in PB.
    I was mugged one night for my purse walking in PB…lol
    Mission Beach (Mission Beach Blvd) is party city lol!
    The Boardwalk is fun but can have some gang activity at times.
    I love Point Loma, lots of activities and it’s a little out of the way, but close to OB.

  2. Avatar Half-Pint says:

    ob is close to point loma and there a college around there.. only its a christian college. OB is alright but its just filled with people with $ $ . I think PB is probably more of what your looking for. Close to Garnet Ave or something like that.

  3. Avatar Erin says:

    PB has more bars etc.. and is generally considered the better place to live. OB is more laid back & has more hippies. OB rents are generally less expensive than PB. Rent will depend on the size of the place & how close it is to the beach. I don’t know the current rents, but probably $ 1100 & up.

  4. Avatar Pat D says:

    Depends on your personality which you’d prefer. I am firmly in the OB camp, wouldn’t live in PB for all the money in the world. Difference is that OB is more counterculture/alternative, less commercial. In OB you’d probably find that pot is the drug of choice whereas PB alcohol is more the drug of choice. If you want to wear nice clothes and go to large, noisy crowded bars with college kids and young adults in your 20s then PB is for you. If you’d rather hang out at funky coffee house or retro Mexican restaurants or funky dive bars, then you are an OB type. I will have to admit though that PB has nicer beaches but then again they are going to be more crowded too.

    If you’ve never been to OB rent the movie “Almost Famous” as the first 10 minutes or so are shot in Ocean Beach. It’ll give you a feel for the place. Unfortunately the Strand Movie Theatre is now some store….that was not a good change.

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