Ocean Beach (San Diego) safe area to live??

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October 1, 2012
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October 3, 2012
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Ocean Beach (San Diego) safe area to live??

Question by Emily: Ocean Beach (San Diego) safe area to live??
I was thinking about renting a place in O.B. and was wondering if being a SWF it is a relatively safe place to live alone?? Definitely not planning on walking around alone at night or anything just curious about the general safety of the area. Any thoughts?

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Answer by dudeinnorcal
I have heard that is was a great area to live in, but that by word of mouth. Most places like that right on the water are usually expensive, so the riff raff cannot always afford to live/be there.

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  1. Avatar Blu858 says:

    OB is just as safe as any big city beach community. Use precautions and you’ll be fine. I live in La Jolla considered to be very safe- however if then you don’t use the same precautions suddenly it’s much more dangerous.
    You’ll be fine in OB.

  2. Avatar Jangles says:

    Ocean beach is pretty awesome. full of stoners and bums and good mexican food.

  3. Avatar Pat D says:

    I lived as a single young female in OB for many years, and I think it’s quite safe. However, I am going to clue you into the areas that are the safest.

    If you have a street map of OB handy, look for Newport Ave. You are going to want to rent either south of Newport OR east of Ebers to be in the safest areas. North of Newport and west of Sunset Cliffs tend to have more dense housing and a rougher crowd; historically more drug dealers, late night partiers and drinkers, and motorcycle gangs.

    I probaby lived in about 6 different places in OB including 2 places north of Newport (Muir and Cape May) and 4 south of Newport (on Narragansett, Bermuda, and Pescadero). Definitely felt safer, and overall it’s quieter, on the south side streets. Also, most of OB is under the flight path of Lindberg Field and the further south you get, the less you’ll notice them.

    By the way, living there was lots of fun. It’s foggy a lot at night and street parking is hard to find but I thought it was worth it. Sunset Cliffs south of Pt Loma Blvd (not West Pt. Loma Blvd)has the most beautiful sunsets imaginable, and riding a bike to the Point Loma lighthouse area is fun too. Most everywhere in OB is within walking distance to Newport Ave. with lots of stuff going on. I’ve walked the pier at 3 am all by myself and felt perfectly safe since there’s always people there 24/7.

  4. Avatar comfort eagle says:

    I have nothing especially useful to add, except I’ve spent a lot of time in OB, including at night, and have never ever felt unsafe or threatened or anything. It’s a fun place to live!

  5. Avatar Joe C says:

    Jangles assesment is pretty accurate: “full of stoners and bums and good mexican food.” PB (Pacific Beach) is more upscale, and a nicer place to live.

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