My job is relocating to Point Loma, San Diego. Where can I live that’s affordable and commutable? ?

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My job is relocating to Point Loma, San Diego. Where can I live that’s affordable and commutable? ?

Question by tadapod: My job is relocating to Point Loma, San Diego. Where can I live that’s affordable and commutable? ?
We’re a family of three (one toddler) living on a total income of $ 53,000. With savings, upper limit for buying a house is about $ 325,000. Upper limit for rent is about $ 1400. Must have at least two bedrooms. Any ideas?

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Answer by trojans
The farther you go inland, the cheaper and better value for your money.

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  1. Avatar Norman O says:

    Tijuana, Mexico. About 30 minutes south of San Diego.

  2. Avatar Fartbuster says:

    Point Loma is actually a pretty expensive place to live. I grew up there. Be careful not to go down to Ocean Beach to live. There’s a lot of druggies down there. Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are a bunch of partyers (Spelling???). The housing has really gone down in price so you will be lucky to get in a house for cheaper when you buy. Renting in San Diego is probably as much money as in buying a house. East is a little cheaper to live. Santee or Lakeside are nice areas and cheaper (about 18 miles from Point Loma). However, it takes about 45 minutes or so in rush hour traffic to get to Point Loma in the mornings. The traffic is kind of bad, but it will be bad everywhere unless you live in Point Loma. It would be the same driving from Point Loma to East County, but it’s cheaper. It takes 25 minutes in good traffic. It’s worth it if you want cheaper housing. Some of El Cajon is not great areas to live in. Check local demographics on the internet. If you want to buy I know a great real estate agent. Marcia Parkes in El Cajon, CA. She’s with Century 21 and a great real estate agent. She’s very personable and has a personalized website for your personal listings so you can look. You can even contact her by email or her website and she can personalize a website for you. Her website is Good luck

  3. Avatar Kathy H says:

    I would recommend that you look in La Mesa. It’s a nice clean area and its 15-25 miles from Pt. Loma.

    Other possibilities would be El Cajon and Mira Mesa.

    Good luck!

  4. Avatar Qt says:

    Just don’t buy or rent in the path of the airport! You can’t even hold a conversation on the phone when a plane takes off. Take a look at Talmadge if you want ot rent a house. The zip is 92115. Very friendly neighborhood where people still know their neighbors.

  5. Avatar Truth says:

    Point Loma is actually a cheap place to live. There are some not-so-nice areas, but you may be able to get a rental, albeit small. But, Point Loma lies directly below the flight traffic patterns of Lindbergh Field (AKA San Diego International Airport). It is loud. Most residents get used to it, but don’t have any illusions about the airport traffic.

    If that’s not your cup of tea, I would suggest that you travel east of Point Loma on I-8 by about 3-4 miles and you will hit Mission Valley. There’s lots of apartments in that area. Some are really nice, some are a little bit older still in good areas. You will have to physically look around and visit each complex. Prices vary for 2 bedrooms. Some are $ 2K a month, and some are $ 1100 a month.

    Don’t buy (yet). The market has not bottomed. Rent and save some more. Once you’re living in the area, then you can take your time and search for the home you want, check out the neighborhoods, schools, etc. BTW, if you’re looking for good schools, you’ll want the Poway area (which is north along I-15), but homes are expensive. You may be able to pick up a condo for $ 300K.

    If you don’t mind a commute (of at least an hour) you can look in the Temecula area. There are lots of home foreclosures available, some for less than 200K. They’re nice, big, and the schools are very good and crime is relatively low.

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