How to Maintain a Healthy Home

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How to Maintain a Healthy Home


The San Diego County Apartment Association has created a great brochure on how to maintain a healthy home.  Download the complete brochure on how to maintain a healthy home by clicking the link below.

Link to download brochure:  HEALTHY HOME TIPS FOR TENANTS

Here are the basic principles of maintaining a healthy home, whether you rent or own.

Link between healthy homes & people:
According to the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH), young children spend 80 to 90 percent of their time inside their home. Adults, too, spend a considerable amount of time in their homes. People living in their homes will be exposed to a variety of physical, chemical, environmental, and psychological factors. It is important that families and individuals practice healthy home habits to help keep their home well-maintained, safe, and clean.

Unhealthy home environments can cause a variety of health conditions like allergies, even serious illnesses, and risk the safety of all occupants living in the home. These are the basic steps to a healthy home, or view the entire brochure at the link above.

 Keep Dry
 Keep Ventilated
 Keep Clean
 Keep Pest-Free
 Keep Contaminant Free
 Keep Safe/Crime Free

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