7 resident retention ideas for the new year

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7 resident retention ideas for the new year

Property managers are always looking for ways to retain both residents and good staff members.  Here are 7 tips and ideas from an article on PropertyManager.com  Many of these tips are simple and inexpensive, but the positive goodwill they create will go a long way.  Make a resolution to implement at least a few of these ideas in the next few months and see what your results are.


The list includes:

1. Give an annual holiday gift like a gift card or certificate for a popular food store or restaurant.
2. Reward residents for following the rules and “staying in touch.” For example, she gave one resident a $30 gift card for coming up with a helpful idea about keeping the laundry room cleaner.
3. Send a note to all residents that you want to retain stating, “As a way of thanking you there won’t be an annual rent increase. Your rent will stay the same for the year ahead” or words to that effect.
4. Set up a dedicated email address for employees and residents to use so they can directly communicate with the property manager. It speaks volumes about management’s caring attitude.
5. As much as possible, be responsive to complaints. Let employees and residents know you’ve received their complaint and will investigate. Ignoring complaints can damage trust and good will.
6. If you have a meeting room, host an annual “celebration drop-by party” with simple refreshments. Encourage employees and residents who attend to leave comments in a decorative “suggestion box.”
7. Sponsor a best ideas and suggestions contest. Give everyone who enters a small prize so everyone feels like a winner. Receiving and promoting feedback will solve dilemmas and help avoid problems.

The complete article can be found here.


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