October 30, 2012

Sandy Photos and Videos from Viewers New York | Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy churned inland as a downgraded storm, residents up and down the battered mid-Atlantic region woke on Tuesday to lingering waters, darkened homes and the daunting task of cleaning up from once-in-a-generation storm surges and their devastating effects. Power remained out for roughly six million people, including a large swath of Manhattan. Early risers stepped out into debris-littered streets that remained mostly deserted as residents awaited dawn to […]
September 13, 2012

Nice Ocean Beach Homes photos

Some cool Ocean Beach Homes images: House on the water Image by Josh Bozarth Photography Home Of THe Lost Soles #2 Image by sirwiseowl If your ‘sole’ is lost, search no more. If we haven’t got your size or color here, we can order for you! Taken at Castlepoint beach Roatan, Honduras Image by Willamor Media
July 23, 2012

Nice Ocean Beach San Diego photos

Check out these Ocean Beach San Diego images: Dog Beach – Ocean Beach, San Diego Image by San Diego Shooter Dog Beach – Ocean Beach, San Diego Image by San Diego Shooter Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, USA Image by Michael in San Diego, California Not quite night and not quite day. It’s that transition time in between. Lights were just beginning to come on. The large size of this […]