February 24, 2013

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse in the fog

Check out these Point Loma San Diego images: The Old Point Loma Lighthouse in the fog Image by slworking2 The Old Point Loma Lighthouse stood watch over the entrance to San Diego Bay for 36 years. At dusk on November 15, 1855, the light keeper climbed the winding stairs and lit the light for the first time. What seemed to be a good location 422 feet above sea level, however, […]
June 1, 2012

The ‘new’ Point Loma Lighthouse – 1891 – Viper’s lair in “Top Gun”

Some cool Point Loma Homes images: The ‘new’ Point Loma Lighthouse – 1891 – Viper’s lair in “Top Gun” Image by Konabish The old Point Loma Lighthouse, it seems, was so often blanketed in fog (because of it’s higher location – go figure!) that it had to be replaced by this Coast Guard Lighthouse Station. For fans of the Tom Cruise movie "Top Gun": The lighthouse keeper’s house was used […]
May 23, 2012

Cabrillo National Monument and Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego

The southern end of Pt. Loma was set aside as a military reservation by Executive Order of the President of the United States on Feb. 26, 1852; its northern boundary was a line from the harbor to the ocean at a distance of 11/2 miles north of La Punta de los Guijarros, which we now call Ballast Point. Two small tracts later were set aside for lighthouse purposes, one at […]
April 3, 2012

San Diego: Cabrillo National Monument – Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Slight morning mist was still hanging in the air when we headed out for our first round of golf in the San Diego area. We headed about half an hour inland from Solana Beach to a golf course called Twin Oaks in the town of San Marcos. Surprisingly, I managed to not bury my ball in the water, but eeked out a semi-respectable score, considering it was my first round […]