Ocean Beach San Diego

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February 16, 2012
Hot Bank Owned Home Of The Week | “Billy Pays a Visit” Point Loma, Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA
February 18, 2012
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Ocean Beach San Diego

www.oceanbeachonline.com www.socalbeachmag.net www.socalbeachesblog.com Come take a quick look around Ocean Beach, one of San Diego’s most popular beach comminties right by the Ocean Beach Pier and Newport Avenue. FOr more photos and video of Ocean Beach visit www.oceabbeachonline.com www.socalbeachmag.net and our blog at www.socalbeachesblog.com


  1. Avatar YouTooTrouble says:

    @magprob LOL

  2. Avatar magprob says:

    Go out about 9 am. Net some anchovies. Use the chovies to catch some nice sized Mackrel. Get drunk for a while and watch the butt shuffle by. At about midnight, use the Mackrel to catch a Leopard shark. Take the shark and stick it in your underwear and start screaming bloody murder. When a crowd starts to gather, whip out your shark and chase them down the pier, shakin it, while screaming even louder.
    I was born and raised here. That’s what I do. Been doing it for fifty5 years.
    No complaints.

  3. Avatar jdeck979 says:

    This is dated august 17, 2009. I was in that exact location 48 hours earlier. Holy shit that is so awesome

  4. Avatar hassel12869 says:

    6-360s and 8-360s down OB pier, youtube hassel handstand

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