Have a rental property? What you’ll need to know about Property Management

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Have a rental property? What you’ll need to know about Property Management

house rentGood tenants are one of the most important elements of a thriving rental property. But it’s more than just that.  There are a variety of other components to a successful investment property, and working with a good San Diego property management company will help to maximize your investment.

A property management company is likely looking after one of your biggest investments, so you want a company with your best interests at heart.  So what do you need to ask when hiring a San Diego property management firm?

1 – Fees: What are the monthly fees?  Are there fees for additional services?  You’ll want to get everything in writing.

2 – Vacancies: What is the process to filling empty rental units?  What screening processes are used to find the most appropriate tenant for your vacancy?

3 – Communication: Ask about the level of communication and how it occurs (phone, email?).

4 – Maintenance:  How does the company handle basic repairs and other maintenance tasks?

5 – Financial statements: What kind of monthly and annual reports can they provide?

6 – Evictions: How does the company handle evictions? What are the costs to evict?

7– Advertising:  How will the property management company advertising your rental?  Do they have a website where they list openings?  Do they use social media sites?  Do they post signs outside your rental property?

8 – Termination of your Agreement: Know what it takes to terminate your agreement for service.

There are many services that go into a successfully managed rental property.  If you have questions about managing a property in Point Loma or Ocean Beach, please contact our office at (619) 977-4650.

About Pasas Property Management:  Pasas Property Management believes that administering your property as though it were our own is one of the most important services we implement.  We are a locally owned property management firm with over 20 years of experience in the San Diego, CA real estate market.  Our office is in the heart of Point Loma, where we can easily access your Point Loma and Ocean Beach rental properties.

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