where is the best place to buy fresh seafood in san diego?

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where is the best place to buy fresh seafood in san diego?

Question by monster: where is the best place to buy fresh seafood in san diego?
im looking for toward the northern area of san diego but i know thats far from the water… so anywhere along the 15 or i-5 would be fine… im thinking maybe theres a good place somewhere in point loma or downtown?

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Answer by tichur
Point Loma Seafood 619 223-1109 appears to be online only. Call to find out if they have a store:


This market is downtown:


The following are NW:



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  1. Avatar CharChar says:

    Yes, Point Loma Seafood…it’s Amazing! They are located at 2805 Emerson St. in Point Loma…right on the water. On Shelter Island in the heart of Point Loma. They offer food to take home or an eat-in option.

  2. Avatar vickiebrat says:

    I agree with the other’s here… Pt. Loma Seafood yummmmmmmy :)


  3. Avatar Andrea says:

    bay park fish co! its on ashton st. right off the 5 seaworld drive. a little pricy but the freshest fish you can find!!

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