What are the safe and inexpensive neighborhoods in San Diego to live?

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May 24, 2013
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What are the safe and inexpensive neighborhoods in San Diego to live?

Question by J. Shawn: What are the safe and inexpensive neighborhoods in San Diego to live?
I’m looking to move across the country to the San Diego area and I am not sure which neighborhoods are safe and affordable. Any information you have would be so appreciated!

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Answer by Capitalist Pig
Do you have any kids that will be attending school? This is critical when looking for a place in San Diego.

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  1. Avatar MomSezNo says:

    Inexpensive – in San Diego????

    You could try a realty website for SD to get an idea of the cost of homes in the area. Maybe also do a search on “relocating to San Diego”.

  2. Avatar Joe C says:

    The best school district in San Diego County is the Poway School District followed by the San Dieguito School District (which is the North County Coastal cities of Del Mar, Encinitas, Lucadia, Carlsbad, etc.) The North County Coastal area is one of the best places to live in the county. Poway is a bedroom community just north of San Diego. Its high schools have been ranked as some of the best in the country.

    As far as inside the city of San Diego is concerned, here is a quick summary of some of the neighborhoods. La Jolla and Scripps Ranch are upscale and wealthy. The nice middle class areas of town are Pacific Beach, Tierrasanta, Clairemont, University City, and Mira Mesa. Pacific Beach is a mixture of apartments with college students and young professionals, and single family homes. If you can afford it, it’s one of the best places to live in the city. University City is near La Jolla and UCSD and is mostly upscale professionals. Clairemont is middle class single family homes and has a lot of military families living there. Mira Mesa has a large Asian population. Hillcrest is the center of the gay community. Mission Valley is young professionals and almost all condos and apartments. Ocean Beach is a lot of druggies, hippies, and beach bums. Mission Beach is the seasonal rental party animal types. Point Loma is a lot of retired military. The College Area is near San Diego State on the eastern edge of the city. Linda Vista is lower middle class and ethnically mixed.

    In general, the farther south you go (closer to the border), the lower the property values. IMO you want to live north of I-8 and west of I-15. There are also nice bedroom communities along the I-15 corridor, such as Poway, Ranch Penasquitos and Rancho Bernardo.

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