Q&A: Ocean View Apts In Ca?

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May 22, 2013
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Q&A: Ocean View Apts In Ca?

Question by J.: Ocean View Apts In Ca?
Price is not an issue. I need a at least studio apartment with an ocean view that I can sign a 3-6 month lease that allow cats.

Anyone know any?

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Answer by mobiltek
Sunset Realty handles all the choice rentals on San Diego’s beach areas….Pacific Beach, Mission Beach & Point Loma all have massive rental properties…Better get in before June ….Summer rates, And friendly lease terms dissapear quickly when summer arrives…Also check out “The Reader” (www.sdreader.com) a locals paper widely used by ocean dwellers and landlords…Cats are no problem at with most properties at the beach…Good Luck!

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  1. Avatar Patrick G says:

    go on Craigs list at http://www.craigslist. com , no space and search los angeles and then search santa monica… easy, lots of them. You can enter any city that is on the coast also. Venice, malibu, manhattan beach, redondo,……….

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