Q&A: Is it illegal to send a message in a bottle across the pacific ocean?

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Q&A: Is it illegal to send a message in a bottle across the pacific ocean?

Question by Someone random: Is it illegal to send a message in a bottle across the pacific ocean?
I am going to the beach soon and I am planning to send a message in a bottle. Is it illegal?

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  1. Avatar Mark IX 3rd Account says:

    It is littering, but apart from that you should be fine.

  2. Avatar George Bush says:

    Yea aquaman is going to arrest you

  3. Avatar Sho says:

    well it can be considered littering. if its glass, it can break and injure fish or people at the beach.

  4. Avatar Seth says:

    Yes, with a big fine. If it washes ashore in.China, you’ll be sent to prison.

  5. Avatar Orph says:

    The Coast Guard will find you, fine you, and make you say, “Ay Ay Captain”.

  6. Avatar oscy says:

    littering yet if its obviously a message in a bottle i don’t see why you’d get in trouble . if you wrote rude or derogatory language then you would get in trouble yet if you get arrested for a message in a bottle then its the saddest lifeguard ever

  7. Avatar Brudenell says:

    It would depend on the country from which you send your bottle and their local littering laws. Littering usually has only small fines except in countries such as Singapore. I have thrown literally hundreds of bottles into the sea and have never received one complaint. I have also never known anyone to leave one of my “found” bottles on a beach as they are always taken home as a souvenir… so they are never regarded as litter. Should the glass bottle break it would not be long before the pieces are polished by the wave action into sea glass which is also treasured by beachcombers and is picked up to make jewelery and other works of art. Glass bottles rarely break on sandy beaches where someone is walking. When sending a message in a bottle try to use a typical clear wine bottle so your message can be easily seen. I guarantee your message, when found, will make both you and the finder very happy. Keep in mind it may be years, even decades, before your message is found so use an address in your message that you know someone can reach you or your descendants in the distant future. There are stories of messages being found now from as long ago as during the first World War. One final note try to send your bottle into the sea when the tide is going out (after high tide) and the wind is blowing offshore. Good luck!

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