Q&A: Is an ocean front condo a good investment?

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Q&A: Is an ocean front condo a good investment?

Question by manaraysobx: Is an ocean front condo a good investment?
I am thinking of buying an ocean front condo in NC and using it as a weekly vacation rental? I would like imput from others who are doing this.I would be putting down a large down payment on it.

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Answer by Kaitie
Well you would love the veiw.
But the condo’s are priced too high.
I would try looking for lowwer priced ranges.

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  1. Avatar Buy the Numbers says:

    I know that florida beach front property has come way down, but not sure about NC.

    In any case, I’m not making any real-estate investments until house prices – not just house sales volume – start rising.

    I do think that city and beach property will heavily outperform suburban and rural property in the long run.

  2. Avatar muncie birder says:

    We have entered a deflationary period. It could last a while. If you do not believe that take a peak at the Japanese experience. It lasted 10 years there and might still be going on. Of course the government is doing its darndest to reinflate prices. If they succeed and the smart money seems to think that they will in spades, then the condo might be worth while. One thing to consider is that a hurricane leave it a pile of wet rubble.

  3. Avatar investor says:

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