Nice Ocean Beach San Diego photos

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November 19, 2012
Cool Ocean Beach San Diego images
November 30, 2012
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Nice Ocean Beach San Diego photos

Some cool Ocean Beach San Diego images:

Ocean Beach San Diego
Image by Doug Greenberg
Three years ago my son Robert and I visited Ocean Beach in San Diego. We went to see birds, and then found out that much of the beach is open to off-leash dogs. This is terrific, but we saw several dogs chasing the terns and shorebirds repeatedly, making it impossible for them to rest. There was no apparent rule against this, so I wrote a long missive to the San Diego Parks Department describing how this issue has been addressed in other off-leash dog areas, such as Pt. Isabel in Contra Costa County. This past weekend we returned to Ocean Beach and were overjoyed to see three signs like the one above advising dog owners to prevent their pets from harassing wildlife. Success!

Puppy Watching the San Diego Swell
Ocean Beach San Diego
Image by kellinahandbasket
San Diego locals (and furry friends) came out to Ocean Beach on Wednesday to get a first hand view of the swell rolling in from an incoming winter storm. While the 20 ft. waves have attracted the best surfers, lifeguards warn of the danger of swimming in these extreme conditions. Local beach communities have brought in extra sand and constructed temporary sea walls to prevent erosion and damage to oceanfront businesses.

UPDATE! Hey! Hey! Look whose photo made it into Yahoo’s You Witness News Photos! Odd that they didn’t tell me that they accepted my submission, but go on over and click on that "recommend" button!

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