How should I make my dreams come true by buying a beach house?

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How should I make my dreams come true by buying a beach house?

Question by Jane J: How should I make my dreams come true by buying a beach house?
Any tips for retiring on the beach, and living on the beach?

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Answer by mark m
I think we need to learn more about you, what you do, and how old are you, and how long you’ve been working, then we can suggest few ideas.

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  1. Avatar estielmo says:

    can you afford it?

  2. Avatar shiprepairwoman says:

    You need to find a job on the beach large enough income to support yourself.

    Find a beach near the city and a very high paid career to do it without being broke.

    My niece has a home above a beach so they need to go down stairs to get to the beach. Wonderful view and not a damp as a low bank waterfront. Waterfront can be damp on the ocean and the salt will kill your garden and have tsunamis. Riverfront can flood and lake front could if you have a dam on the lake. Make sure you pick your beach carefully. You might consider renting in a beach town and you could decide you don’t need to live on the beach but a couple of blocks away would be good.

  3. Avatar Landlord says:

    First figure out how you will earn big bucks without being in a big city.

  4. Avatar vjojojose1 says:

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  5. Avatar Cabo Home Tours says:

    If you are a 5-10 years from retirement, you should consider purchasing a beach home now in Baja California Sur. You can get some great deals right now in Mexico, and they now offer mortgages for US and Canadian citizens buying property in Mexico.

    So, you buy the home now at a discount because of the current buyers market, and buy it at todays prices versus waiting 5-10 years when an abundance of Baby Boomers will be driving the real estate prices up here.

    In the meantime, rent the beach house out to offset or cover your mortgage payment completely. When you’re ready to move in to the home, it will be most of not completely paid for.

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