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May 26, 2013
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Cool Home Loans images

Some cool Home Loans images:

Home Loans
Image by dgrinbergs
Bank of America Home Loans half-page newspaper ad, Monday, January 16, 2012 Boulder Camera, Colorado:

Face-to-face assistance for Denver homeowners who need help with their Bank of America® mortgage.

Bank of America modification specialists will be in Denver on January 19-21, 2012

If you’re a Bank of America customer having difficulty making your mortgage payments, please take advantage of this opportunity to sit down with one of our specialists to see how we may be able to help you avoid foreclosure. We’ll review your situation and help you complete your documents so that you can be eligible for a decision as soon as possible – some customers will even be able to get a decision on site.

Call 1.855.201.7426 or go to to register and schedule your appointment.
Then use our interactive checklist to help you prepare for your appointment and gather all of the documents that you will need for a successful meeting.

If you’re unable to attend this event, you can also speak directly with one of our specialists over the phone by calling 1.800.846.2222. Or for more information, visit us at

Bank of America Home Loans

Good debt
Home Loans
Image by Neal Edgeworth Photography
Day 2 – Well I walked out the door this morning without my camera so you’re stuck with another in-home shot. Since we are currently in the process of looking for our first home I had the following page floating around after a visit from our local Refund Home Loans broker.

Also I’ve started doubling up by posting these on my blog as well as flickr so we’ll see if I end up with these out of sync!

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